Thursday, June 12, 2008

Yay Josh!!

Well, this is the official announcement that we have a job! Josh just got offered an amazing job at in the Public Relations department! We seriously couldn't be happier and I couldn't believe how perfect everything fell into place. From all of the drama we've had with internships/jobs, we are ecstatic about this opportunity. He will actually be working directly with the CEO, which is so amazing! He went into his 3rd interview today and they offered him the job on the spot! They asked him when he could start, he said anytime... they said... tomorrow! So his first day of work is tomorrow. This makes me even more excited because now we can really buy a house! House shopping... here we come!

Summer's in Utah

So this past week we've been a little outdoorsy which is always fun! Josh has been rock climbing with his friends a lot (pictures to hopefully follow), we've had picnics in the park and we hiked the Y! Something I thought I would never do... 1. because I thought I was physically incapable since I'm ridiculously out of shape 2. I just didn't think we would ever make the time. Well obviously we did and I'm glad I did. I'm also extremely glad I had Josh by my side pushing me, because no matter what anyone tells you, that mountain is steep! I also haven't done much physical activity since, I don't know, 2 years ago :) Anyways... my goal is to start exercising more and enjoying what Utah has to offer. Besides the hike, Josh and I went running along the Provo River trail which was so pretty! Again... Josh had to motivate me to keep running the entire time. So here are a few pictures to go along with my stories:

Next on our to do list:

1. 5k Run on Saturday (Yes... that's right, in 2 days)
2. Hike Timp... some day
3. Drive the Alpine Loop
4. Go rock climbing with Josh
5. Go back down to Zion's and camp
6. 10k Run in July
7. Scooter Ride's around Provo
8. More running on the Provo River Trail
9. I would like to ski/snowboard once while I'm in Utah (will postpone this until next winter)
10. Run a 1/2 marathon, maybe in October
Bonus: 11. Josh to run a triathlon... I don't know when.

The End.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

I promised you pictures....

These are a little out of order.Making their way out to the field. They played at Texas Stadium in Dallas.

Our nephew JT, what a stud!

We went out on the lake while we were in Dallas, and yes, believe it or not, I got in the water.

Mark, Josh and Zack. Just waiting to eat at a good 'ol fashion Texas steak house.

Out on the field at Texas Stadium

Just arriving at the field.

We went in the Cowboy's locker room. Probably not their real locker room, but it was still sweet. We saw T.O., Tony Romo's and the rest of the team's lockers.

Fun in the car. Josh's peace sign, Justin, Jeremy, Elliot and Mark. (I took the picture).

Summer lax BBQ.

Spending time at the Austin's

Josh being interviewed after the game.

I know I look pregnant, I am not though. Just a picture of Josh and I.