Friday, October 24, 2008

Josh's Birthday

Well, here is a long awaited post, because I don't get on here very often, but Josh's birthday was last week and we had such a fun time together! His birthday was last Friday the 17th of October and he is now one year older and wiser. :) We had a fun filled weekend and I have a TON of pictures to prove it! First, on Friday morning (we both took the day off of work), we woke up and I let Josh open his presents. I got him some clothes, this Italian language learning program and a couple of other things. After that we went to get some Gandolfo's breakfast sandwiches which I love and KIND OF remind Josh of New York deli sandwiches... Yum! We ran a few errands after that (boring I know), but then went to Costco for some pizza! Once we finished there, we were off to the golf course!! Josh, as you know, loves to golf and so do I, and the weather was absolutely beautiful that day, so it was perfect. I hadn't golfed all season and Josh only went like twice all year, so unfortunately this was one of the only times we got to go together this year, but it was a blast!! And we both played pretty well, also... (even though it was just the executive course at East Bay, haha). Here are a few pics:

Then that night, I invited some of his friends over and we had some cake and ice cream. His friends are great and we always love having them over. And that picture of me with the cake, that's only picture of the cake you'll get, because Josh decided to delete the one we had of him and his cake... oh well, it was his birthday, he could do what he wanted, haha:

Then the next morning we woke up and went rock climbing! This is one of Josh's favorite things to do and him and his buddy Marshall always go up together and always try and get me his Marsh's girlfriend Jen to come with them. Being that it was Josh's birthday weekend, I decided to go and so did Jen and we had such a fun time!! I was of course scared of heights (first time I've been rock climbing) and you know how I am with bugs, and there were some bugs on the wall, so I definitely had my fair share of screaming, haha. But Josh and Marshall were pros and made climbing the wall look so easy, like a lizard, lol. Here are so pictures to capture the moments:

After rock climbing, we made some sandwiches, and had a little picnic in the canyon. We went home and then spent the rest of the day/evening at a lacrosse tournament up in Sandy. It was a great weekend and I'm so happy I married such an amazing man. There's never a dull moment and we always have so much fun together. Josh is truly amazing and I'm so lucky!

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Jesus is my friend

Josh sent this to me at work and for some reason I thought it was hilarious, maybe because it is... Enjoy

Friday, October 3, 2008

Our Quirks

Ok, so I was tagged quite awhile ago, but as you know, I'm still not efficient with this whole blogging thing. So thank you Jen for tagging me and giving me something to write about! Haha. Actually I have a lot of things to write about, but I'm just too lazy. Well I'm supposed to list 6 quirks that I have, and like Jen, this is mine and Josh's blog, so I'm going to do 3 quirks of mine, and 3 of his!!!

My Quirks:

1. OK, I thought this was normal for the longest time until I started living on my own with roommates or once I got married and found out that not everybody does this. But I can not eat a peanut butter and jelly sandwich without Doritos on the sandwich. I still think it's completely normal, but Josh says it's not and everyone he asks says it's not... so I've been doing this my whole life thinking everyone did, but apparently not. So, if you ever make me a PB&J, make sure you have Doritos as well.

2.I absolutely am obsessed with saving money and budgeting. I don't know what it is, but I read articles all day long on websites like and about saving for retirement or fun ways to save. Granted I do work in finance so that's kind of my job, but I LOVE IT!! I check our bank accounts everyday and every month I track our spending. We're not extremely frugal, we still enjoy what we have, but I love to save money. It's like a game for me. I guess it's a good thing though because it'll hopefully help us have a good retirement. We also have a ton of different accounts for big things we want to buy, for example we have a "travel fund" that I have a certain amount going into every paycheck so if we want to take a trip, we don't feel bad using our normal savings because that money is there for travelling!

3.OK, this last one is weird I admit, but I have a slight case of OCD. It was definitely worse when I was younger and I didn't know what OCD was when I was younger, so I just put it off like it was no big deal. First, my favorite number is 8, so I use to have to do everything 8 times. For example, if I knocked on a door, I would have to knock 8 times, when I took a sip of a drink, I'd take 8 sips, etc. Crazy, yes, I understand that, but luckily I don't do that anymore. But there is one thing I still do... when I'm walking on a sidewalk, if I'm paying attention, I have to walk over every line in the sidewalk with my right leg, then my left leg, then my right, etc. I have to switch off which leg crosses the line first. Please don't judge me. But I only do it if I pay attention, and if I just don't look down it doesn't bother me.

Josh's Quirks:

1. He loves Frank's Red Hot, (hot sauce) with all of his heart. He will eat it on EVERYTHING!! I aboslutely hate hot sauce (maybe because when I was little if we said a bad word we would get hot sauce in our mouths, haha). But he will eat it on all types of foods, celery, carrots, salad, chicken wraps, anything he can, he does. It grosses me out, but he loves it, haha.

2. This is kind of something we both do, since we sleep in the same bed, but we don't sleep with a top sheet. It's weird because I never slept with one before we were married and he didn't either, so when we got married it was perfect because neither of us like sleeping with a top sheet, it's just the fitted sheet and our comforter, that's it.

3.Well it's no surprise that Josh loves Apple. He loves his computer, his iPhone, my computer, and every program made for these devices. And lately Josh has been in love with learning how to do web design and graphic design. I don't know if I'd call it a quirk but it's a new passion for him and I love when he has driven and motivated to learn something new. He loves to play around on photoshop or dreamweaver or something like that ( I think that's the name of it ). But either way, he's so smart and so computer literate, that this is a good hobby to have.

So now it's time to tag!! I'll tag Ashley E., Veronica R., and Lacie G. WOOHOO!!