Thursday, March 31, 2011

First Day at the Park

Today we went to the park... first time for Diggy. He loved it. He loves the swings. We went with our friends Kelly and Ollie.

(Ignore the crotch grab in the first two pictures - I was just holding him and didn't realize it looked so bad until after)

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Texas Vacation

Like I mentioned in my previous post, Josh had 2 weeks off before starting his new job, so after California, we had 1 full day home and then we flew to Texas. This was Dane's second trip on an airplane already and he's not even 6 months yet, lol. In Texas we got to spend the week with Josh's mom, sister and her family. They have the sweetest kids too. They loved up on Dane all week. He loved all of the attention, but sometimes I think he was a little overwhelmed too. He just wasn't used to it. But those kids could make him laugh and it was just so cute. The weather was PERFECT and I got to wear shorts and everything. We spent time outside and just enjoyed being with the family. Here is proof:

Enjoying the weather

Sweet and sassy Carleigh

Amy and Berlynn

Our nephew Hunter

Baby Austin with a horseshoe around his neck, haha

Even though everyone is looking at different cameras, this is the best shot I got. Mimi with the kiddos.

We had such an incredible time and were so lucky we got to visit. Thanks Connie and Amy for everything! Hopefully we see you before NYC. If not... see you in the big apple!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

California Trip

A lot of things have been going on around here. One of the more exciting things is that Josh got a new job! He'll be working as a Marketing Manager at It's a great company, great position and great products that he gets a sweet discount on. He put in his 2 weeks notice and his last day was going to be last Friday (Mar. 18), but since it's a similar position that he is doing at Overstock, they just let him leave and paid him. So, his last day was actually Mar. 11 and he doesn't start at Backcountry until Mar. 28... which meant 2 weeks off! That is what prompted our last minute road trip to California.

We left last Tuesday and drove to Vegas, spent the night and headed on to California the next morning. Dane did really great in the car. He had a few times that he got fussy, but it was mainly because he was sick of sitting for so long. He took longer naps though, than his normal 30 minutes, so that was a plus.

While in CA we visited family (my family and Josh's bro and family), we went to the beach, went shopping, enjoyed the weather and just hung out. Oh ya, and we made a visit to the ER. Poor sweet baby had a little accident and fell out of his stroller. I'll just tell you, it's the start of a lot of injuries I'm sure, but one of the hardest things I've had to go through. I almost cried as much as he did. What happened was we stopped on the beach to get out and go on the sand and the water, so I unbuckled Dane in his stroller. Then we stopped a second, decided we wanted to go a little further and kept pushing him. He slid out the bottom and the stroller pushed him. He face planted onto the concrete. I saw it all happen from afar and wasn't fast enough to stop it. I ran over, picked him up and he had blood streaming down his face. His nose was bleeding a ton from both sides, his nose was immediately bruising and his mouth was bleeding. My heart dropped and I started crying. I felt like the worst mom in the world. He was screaming and I couldn't console him. Josh ran and got the car and we went to just a small prompt care. When we walked in, they saw him and said to take him to the ER. He actually started to slow down crying and eventually fell asleep once we got to the hospital. Thank goodness. I knew it wasn't too serious if he was able to fall asleep. They checked everything out and said there probably wasn't anything very serious wrong, but his nose could be broken. They could do a cat scan or xrays, but they said the radiation is pretty strong and not the best thing for a baby. The dr. said that even if they found a fracture, they really couldn't do a lot anyways besides just monitor it. So, we decided against the xray and we just waited at the hospital awhile to make sure everything was ok. And now, 4 days later, he's doing so great. He's such a little tough guy. Here's what he looked like after we wiped away the blood and he was at the hospital:

It's so sad for me to think about it, but I'm just so glad that nothing serious happened and he's a happy boy again. Here are the pictures of us enjoying the day, just minutes earlier, lol...

And just some more cute pictures of our trip:


Great Uncle George

Uncle Steve and cousins Lexi and Kendyl

And now we leave for Texas in the morning to visit other cousins... fun fun fun! 

Saturday, March 12, 2011

5 Months

I haven't really been documenting on here what Dane has been doing at certain ages, so I need to start now. I do write down when he does something for the first time, but all of his cute, funny quirks I need to make sure I keep track of, because I know I'll forget.

At 5 months here are some things he does:

- He always has and still, LOVES taking a bath
- He's starting to sit up on his own! He hasn't mastered it yet, but can sit there alone for about 10 seconds or so, until he tumbles over
- Dane loves electronics. I think most babies do, but if you put the iPad in front of him, or his favorite toy, he goes for the iPad. If he sees the remote, his eyes lock on it and you can turn him around and his head will stay focused on the remote. As I'm sitting here typing this, he's trying to pound on the keyboard.
- He loves to suck on anything. From toys, to fingers, to blankets, to your face.
- He's a great sleeper at night, but sucks at naps. He'll go to bed around 7:30, wake up around 2ish to eat, and immediately fall to sleep after he eats. Then is up for the day about 7. Naps, he takes 3-4 naps a day, usually 30-45 minutes on average. No fun.
- He's been eating solids since 4 months. His favorite is squash. Doesn't love bananas or sweet potatoes much. I think it's the consistency. Just started apples yesterday and I'm not sure if he will like them as much either. The squash was so smooth and the others are still pureed, but a little less smooth than the squash.
- Learned how to jump like crazy in his jumperoo. It's so cute
- Songs he loves me to sing to him, are the alphabet song, Do As I'm Doing, and songs from Baby Signing Time.
- He knows the sign for "milk." When I do it, he does this thing with his tongue and starts opening and closing his mouth like he wants to eat.
- He likes to put his legs in the air, when laying on his back and slam them down on the ground. Or do that in the bath and splash water all over the place.
- He also does this thing with his head, where he shakes it back and forth like you would to say "no." Even though he's not doing it to say "no" he does it a lot and it's so funny.
- He loves to scratch different textures with his nails
- He's starting to blow bubbles or raspberries with his mouth
- Lastly, he loves when you take his hands and rub them on your cheeks and say "cheeks." He smiles and laughs every time you do this.

Ok, that's enough for now. Here are some pictures: