Thursday, August 21, 2008

A Tribute...

I would like to take a moment to make a tribute to one of my best friends... Miss Veronica Walters. That's right, she doesn't get married until Saturday but then she will be Mrs. Veronica Robertson!! First of all, let me just tell you all how amazing she is and all the fun times we've had together!

We met freshman year and have been friends ever since. She's amazing, fun, beautiful and best of all, we're like the same person! Like I mentioned she is getting married this Saturday, and will no longer "enjoy" the single life. (Even though married life is about 1,453 times better). I'm so happy for her and I'm going out to California tomorrow so I can be there for this momentous occasion! She's getting married in San Diego, which I'm so excited for because I haven't been there since my wedding... that temple is amazing.

Well... here are a few pictures to capture the fun moments we've had together...

Unfortunately all of my favorite pictures are from freshman year and those are all actual photos... not digital. Lame, I know... but anyways, I love her so much and I'm so happy for her, and she's marrying the most perfect guy for her. They're seriously meant to be! Congrats guys, I LOVE YOU VICKY-VICKY-RONICA!

Monday, August 11, 2008


I just want to share my excitement on my new purchase! My old computer, which was a Dell, is about 6 years old and it takes forever for things to load and I really wanted a new computer. However, computers are expensive and at first I thought, 'well I don't use my computer a ton, so maybe i don't need one.' But then I got to thinking and BYU had a screamin' deal on computers and you have to be a student to get the deal, and since Josh was technically a student up until today...we went and bought the computer on Saturday! What was awesome about this deal is that they give you a free iPod touch, a free printer and free applecare, plus, my work gives us 20% on computer purchases. So pretty much I got a steal of a deal!! And let me just tell you, this computer is by far the coolest thing ever! I've loved Mac's ever since I met Josh (because he loves them) and they are seriously tons better than PCs. I know other's might not agree, but being that I've had a PC my whole life... and now I have an Apple, I have a got to say that Macs are truly superior. There's just so much more you can do on here, and I'm not all computer savvy, so I know I can't even get everything out of it that I should, but there is still so many cool features that I love. Anyways, here's a picture of my amazing computer and I don't know if you can believe it or not, but that is the entire computer! No tower or anything.... the entire computer is in the screen, pretty amazing right?