Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Future home... Utah

Ok fine...I'll post again! So things have been a little busy lately with Josh finishing up school, us going to Dallas for lacrosse and trying to figure out what lies ahead in our crazy lives. I have a lot of pictures to post from Dallas but they're at home on the computer and I'm at work, so I'll post those later tonight or tomorrow.

First off, Dallas was amazing! I love going out there and now that Josh's parents just moved out, we were able to spend time with them. They also live on a lake which is awesome and we went out on the boat and went wakeboarding, etc. It was so much fun! Josh's tournament also went well! They made it to the semi-finals which was so great and that game was played in Texas Stadium which is where the Cowboys play!! Unfortunately they lost that game, but I am so proud of Josh for being such an amazing player and finishing off his lacrosse career on a good note. He received First Team All-Conference and Third-Team all American, which is amazing!! I'm so proud of him and so sad that it's over :(

The next item of business... as the title of this post suggests, we are definitely staying in Utah, at least for the summer. If things work out and Josh gets a full time job out here, then we'll be here at least a couple of years. I know, I know... it's kind of sad because I was really excited to go to California and enjoy spending time with my parents and of course the beautiful weather, but we can buy a house out here! So that's really exciting. We are actually in the early process of looking for something out here, preferrably in the South Jordan area, but we're just starting, so we'll see what we find. It's really exciting too! Right now we're debating on buying a decent house or a brand new townhouse... so there are still decisions to be made. I am extremely grateful we now know what we'll be doing for at least the next 3 months, it's such a relief to have this decision finally behind us. It's also great that we can stay here because Josh can play summer league lacrosse with his friends, I still have a great job and Mike and Rebecca are out here!

So even though I didn't think I wanted to live in Utah, I think what I really didn't want was to live in Provo. Utah is beautiful and the place that we're looking at moving to has a brand new temple being built just down the road which would be great! It's in a really new area and it's right in the middle of where I work and where Josh could be working. We're still going to keep our condo down in Provo, which will be nice because we'll just keep it as a rental property for now.

So, for my family/friends in California, I'm sorry, we thought for sure we would be coming out... but for now we'll be staying here. So come visit us! I'll keep you updated on Josh's job hunt and our house hunt... but things are going well and I couldn't be happier.