Friday, July 8, 2011

9 months and growing!

Here is what's happening at 9 months. Don't have stats yet, dr.'s appt. isn't until Monday.

- I would finally say that his eyes are green! They definitely aren't brown and they definitely aren't blue. But if you click on the picture above, they totally look green.

- Still not crawling, but rolls around to get places and can turn in a circle on his stomach using his arms, but can't move forward or backwards yet. I'm not at all worried and in no rush to baby proof everything.

- Waves, but it's usually a minute or so later. It takes a little bit to process, haha.

- Talking a ton and said (what I would call) his first word! Besides "mama" and "dada" when he sees a ball he says "Ba!" He also says "ba" when we are getting him ready for a bath. And we have a book about bubbles and every time I read it to him he says, "bubba, bubba" over and over. He's going to be a talker! He also says things like, "mom" "dad" "fa fa" "no no" (doesn't know what it means though), etc. Mainly he just knows, what mama, dada, ball, bath and bubbles are. Adorable.

- Loves to stand. Will stand any chance he can get, but it's usually him holding our fingers to stand. He'll walk holding our fingers too, but not great.

- He sings. It's hilarious. He's done this the past two Sundays at church. When we are singing, he will just say, "ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh" over and over again.

- Has 4 teeth now, top two middle and bottom two middle.

- Only wants his mama. He's in that stage. He'll go to people, but only if I walk away and am not standing there. If I am, he will reach and whine for me. It's cute, but my arms get tired :)

- Gives high fives, so cute!

- Starting to be mainly on 2 naps. Rarely does he need 3, but it still happens on occasion.

Now for some pictures.

We go to the park a lot together

Snuggling with Dad on Father's Day

First 4th of July - We went to Sandy for some festivities, went to the Real Salt Lake game (Dane's first) and then put him to bed and we did fireworks with our friends outside. Low key, but totally fun.

Dane's first climbing experience. And definitely not his last. 

He loves Jen

First trip to the zoo. It was ridiculously hot, so not the best first trip, but I still think he liked it. Here he's pointing to the elephant.