Saturday, September 8, 2007


So we made it back from Europe, and we're finally updating our blog....sorry! When we got back almost a week ago, we were thrown right back into the swing of things and had to face the bitter truths of the real updating the blog fell back a few places on the priority list.

Well, were do we start? We have spoken to just about everyone about our trip; so most of you already know how much fun we had, but just to reemphasize, IT WAS AMAZING! I don't think anyone has seen any of our pictures so hopefully you can check out the slideshow....there is about 50 pics in the slideshow, but we took almost 1,000; so these are only a few of the many we took. Josh also shot a ton of video and he's working on a movie of our trip.

We got to see so much while we were there, and are so glad we did it and can't wait to go back. Tiff enjoyed Ireland and Italy the most....she couldn't get over how green everything was in Ireland. Josh loved Rome and of course Ireland. He really wants to go back to Ireland and do a golf tour of the coast, playing all the amazing golf courses...maybe after he makes the big bucks!

There is so much more we can say, but it's rediculously hard to condense the trip into a few sentences. We had hoped to update the blog every couple of days or so while in Europe, but that didn't ever happen because we hardly had the time. We had the best time EVER and saw so many amazing things. It was a "once in a lifetime" opportunity and will never forget the fun we had.