Saturday, February 23, 2008

BYU vs. Simon Fraser

I just got back from Josh's game this afternoon and I thought he played amazing! The whole team did great! We won 17-11 (I think that was the score) and Josh scored 5 goals! I love to watch him and the team play. It's his senior year though which is sad to think. After the game they provided us with some lunch so we stuck around and ate a bit. Tonight Josh and I are going to go ice skating with some friends... I'm excited!

Here's a funny picture that was taken during the fall and it's funny because this was right after they scored a goal....during the game. Haha! nephew's name is..... Ryan Allan! So cute! I totally guessed the whole Ryan name before it was discussed. I think it's such a cute name! Ryan after his dad's middle name and Allan after his grandpa's middle name. (Steph's dad). But I think the real reason they chose Allan was because it's one of Josh's middle names as well! However, we are unsure of the true spelling of Josh's name because it's different on his birth certificate, social security card and the records of BYU. But on his birth certificate it is Allan, so Ryan was named after his uncle too, haha!

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Aunt Tiffany

Well... big news!! My amazing sister-in-law and brother had another baby...and guess what?!?! IT'S A BOY!!!! So as of right now we have 6 nieces and 1 niece on the way, and now finally 2 boys! We need more boys in this family. Which is something I never thought I would say, haha. So they didn't want to find out what they were having (they haven't for any of their kids) and so I'm at work yesterday and I get a text from my brother saying "It's a boy" so my inital reply is, "well, I thought you weren't going to find out?" and he goes, "No.. she had the baby." Haha, well, that came as a big surprise because he came 4 weeks early, but I'm OK with that! I get to be an aunt again! So congrats Rob and name has been picked out just yet, they actually didn't have any ideas when I talked to him yesterday either :) But I'm sure they'll come up with some cute. Maybe Ryan (which is Rob's middle name) I think that's cute. We'll see!

Now...I feel like the reason I don't blog as much is because I always feel like I should have a reason to blog, like a trip or some big news or something. I also always love seeing pictures in blogs, so I thought, well I don't have a picture for that so I can't blog about it. Well, after realizing that a blog is more like a journal... I'm going to just start writing and not worry about making it fancy anymore.

So the news in our family is that we're all set to come down to California in May. "All set" as in I've talked to work about relocating, Josh's internship is good to go, and now we just need to pack everything, yuck! I don't look forward to that. Also, Josh has a lead on a possible job opportunity down in Aliso Viejo, which we don't know much about yet, but he's in contact with the guy in charge. So, we'll see what happens, but it sounds really great!

Well, I know I say this everytime, but now that I know my posts don't have to be newsworthy, I am going to try and be a better blogger. Especially since I have access to the website at work :)