Tuesday, October 30, 2007


Ok... so let me start off by saying yesterday sucked. It all started at 3am. I woke up in the middle of the night (which I never do, I'm a very heavy sleeper) and I thought Josh was talking to me. Well turns out he wasn't but he sits up in bed and we look at each other and I go, "Josh, it sounds like the shower is running, go see what it is." So he gets out of bed, takes about 5 steps and says, "OH MY GOSH" The carpet was soaked! We run into the bathroom and the toilet is gushing out water. Seriously it was like someone dumping buckets of water on the ground. Josh turned the water off and we go to assess the damage. When we walked on the carpet, water was just oozing out and you could see it like a puddle OVER the carpet. What had happened was for some odd reason, the tank of the toilet cracked...so every time the tank emptied, it filled up again, dumped more water, then filled up again. We have no idea how long it was going on for, we are just extremely grateful that we woke up when we did and that we were home.

The Culprit

Since it flooded our bedroom, hallway and living room we had to have the professionals come in, clean up what they could and now we have these fans going for 3 days...

On top of that, we can't sleep in our bedroom because the fan is too loud... so now we are sleeping on our futon. What an eventful day. But all in all, we think everything will be OK!

California Trip!

Well, again I would like to apologize for NEVER posting on our blog, but as of today I solemnly swear to post more!!! I really wanted to post a picture on here of some amazing friends I have. A little over a week ago I flew home to California for one of my best friend's funerals and while I was there, me and all of the "old crew" got together for a sleep over and let me tell you, it was so much fun! It was practically our old young women's group with all of our leaders and because we were such a small group back then, we were all such amazing friends and I'm so lucky our friendship has lasted so long. So here is a little picture of us all!