Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Barrel Rolls and Free Falls

Well this past weekend we went up to Boise for my grandmother's funeral. I miss her so much, but I know she's so much happier now! Well, while we were up there we had a great time seeing all of the family and it was Josh's first time meeting EVERYONE! I have 20 aunts and uncles, about 56 first cousins and 81 second cousins... it was a big group! (Of course not all of them were there, but you get the picture). Poor Josh. Anyways, one of my cousins, his name is Justin, actually owns a little two-seater plane and he was kind enough to take us up in it!

Josh by Justin's Plane

Me by another plane in the hangar

Warning Label on our Plane

So, I was a chicken and I only let him do barrel rolls with me, but Josh, who wants to get his pilot's license one day and fly planes, wasn't scared of anything. So he did something called a hammer head which is where they fly really high and start going backwards like they're going to do a back flip, but once the front of the plane is pointing towards the ground, they just start spiraling straight for the ground! They spin and spin until he gets close, then he pulls the nose of the plane up. Way toooooo scary for me. He also let us fly the plane while we were up there, it was really amazing!

These two are the barrel rolls. I look terrified in my video, I know, but it was a lot of fun! In the beginning of my video I say, "Oh crap, I'm so scared"  HAHA.

This last one is a video Josh took while doing that hammer head thing....yikes!

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

I've been taggggggged

Four jobs I've had:
1. Investment Banker
2. Producer/Director/Sideline Reporter
3. Dental Assistant
4. Gap

Four movies I can watch over and over:
1. Count of Monte Cristo
2. Dirty Work
3. Whatever It Takes
4. Dumb and Dumber

Four places I have lived:
1. Westminster, CA
2. Provo, UT
3. Man... I'm boring

Four favorite TV shows:
1. 24
2. Office
3. Rock of Love
4. Any game show

Four places I've been:
1. Ireland/Scotland/England
2. Honduras
3. Belize
4. Italy

Four favorite foods:
1. Ravioli
2. Caesar Salad
3. Chicken Divan
4. Western Bacon Cheeseburgers from Carl's Jr.

Four websites I visit daily:
1. Facebook
2. Chase.com
3. Blogspot
4. Yahoo

Four places I'd rather be:
1. In bed
2. Hawaii
3. California
4. On a Cruise

Four blog buddies I want to tag:
1. Steph
2. Megan
3. Becks
4. Annalee

Sunday, November 4, 2007

Viva Las Vegas

Well, we just returned from an exciting trip to Las Vegas! The lacrosse team had a "Best of the West" tournament down there this weekend and the boys won the tournament!! But of course they would, they're just so darn good. And Josh played amazing! So Josh went down with the team Friday morning, but I couldn't take work off, so I drove down after work with Melanie. We had a fun time driving and got into Vegas around 10:30pm.

That next morning we were at the fields bright and early at 8:00am. They played 3 games that day and they won every single one of them! You can check them out on the BYU website. Here are a few pictures I snapped during the game. GO #16!

After they finished kicking everyone's butt, we went out to dinner at Buffalo Wild Wings, probably one of Josh's favorite places, because he LOVES wings. However, I hate them, because I think they are gross and I think eating meat off of the bone makes me want to barf. However, one of Josh's best friends on the team Elliot, his amazing parents took us there and it was extremely nice of them. I got a southwest chicken wrap which was amazing, so I like that place because they don't just serve wings :)

We spent the night at Josh's dad's uncle's house (sounds confusing I know) and they are just so kind to let us barge in. We left this morning and just barely got back. Here is a snap shot of the ride home, which consisted of Josh, Elliot, Mel, and I and watching The Office, Best of Will Ferrell, and Rob and Big.

Thursday, November 1, 2007

A fun day at work

Well, lately I've been having a lot of fun at work and especially because my last day is next Wednesday, I don't even care anymore. I help everyone that I need to, but I don't go above and beyond. Needless to say, sometimes it's a little slow at work and we like to do fun things like spelling bees, rubber band shooting contests, gossip and sometimes we dress like twins. Haha. Well, me and a friend at work dressed like twins just today. It sounds so junior high, but we had so much fun. People at work were even getting us mixed up, it was great. (The peace signs don't mean anything, I just like to do that sometimes, lol)