Thursday, January 12, 2012

32 1/2 weeks and the girls want out

Quick update on things here...

Yesterday I went in for a non-stress test. Totally routine this early for twins, just making sure they are moving around, aren't under stress and they also monitor contractions. Well, during the test I started feeling some contractions that weren't very comfortable and they were happening pretty frequently. But the babies looked great.

After this test, I had my normal Dr appt so they sent me there with the results of the test in hand. My Dr looked at them and noticed the contractions and while I was there I was having a few too. Last week, I was 1cm dilated and 70% effaced. She checked me then and I was about 2cm and 75%. So, just as a precaution she sent me down to labor and delivery to be monitored.

Once down there and after getting hooked up to the monitors, the real fun began. I started having more painful contractions and they were getting closer and closer. They checked me again (a few hours now since my dr checked) and I was at 3cm. The contractions were about 2-4 min apart.

At that point they gave me a shot of steroids to mature the babies' lungs faster in case they made their entrance.

Then they decided to give me some pills to hopefully stop the contractions. They gave me a total of 4 doses, 30 min apart and they didn't phase me. By then, people were telling us they thought this was the real deal and start prepping ourselves for some babies. We talked to the NICU nurses and everything to know what to expect if/when they were born.

Later, they were able to try another medicine to help stop the contractions, which they couldn't try before because my pulse was too high. (Maybe from all the anxiety of thinking these babies were coming, lol). After about 2 hours from getting this shot, they finally slowed down. Hurray! This was late last night around 11pm. They have since gone back to normal, of about 2-4 an hour and they're not really painful.

But, because I am now dilated 3cm, they want me here until Saturday to make sure things are still stable and then when I get home, it's bed rest for me.

Thank goodness, my mother in law is amazing and is coming out here this weekend and will stay with us to help me until the babies are born. Then my incredible mom who has offeredd to drop everything and be there for me anytime I need her is a huge help and makes me so less stressed to know she would do anything for me. We are very, very lucky. Not to mention our other family members and multiple friends who have all said they will drop everything and help if we need it. We are beyond grateful for them.

I got one more steroid shot today for their lungs and as long as my contractions stay down, I can go home soon. My baby shower did get postponed though, since it was tonight :( sad, sad day.

I'll keep you posted on anything else, but hopefully we can keep these girls growing a little longer, so they can come home with us soon after they're born.