Sunday, December 16, 2007

Weekend of Fun

Well, this past weekend has been so much fun! It started Friday morning, because it was my birthday, haha. I had the day off of work and so I woke up "late" (like 8:30, but it's much later than I normally wake up) got ready for the day and opened my PRESENTS!. Josh got me some really cute clothes and this game that I really wanted.. it was perfect. Then I had a dumb doctor's appointment, so that was the only crappy thing about this weekend, but it was only like 5 minutes, so it wasn't bad. After the doctors, Josh took me to see the new movie "I Am Legend" with Will Smith, and it was REALLY good! We really, really liked it. After that we walked around the mall a little bit and then we went out to dinner with some friends. We went to Olive Garden, one of my favorites, and we went with our friends Elliot, Veronica, and Melanie. After that we all went back to our place and played my new game, Guesstures! We also invited some other friends of ours over. We played and ate funfetti cake! It was such a fun birthday! Josh definitely made me feel so special!

Then on Saturday Josh had this big project for school to finish, so he did that while I played Fifa soccer on XBox all day. It was actually really fun and now I'm addicted. Later that afternoon, we went with Devin and Andrea some really good friends of ours and we went bowling and out to eat. We all bowled really well and we had such a great time! I actually learned to bowl really well when I was 10 because I was in a bowling league with a friend of mine... we have trophies to prove it. Haha. Well, after we ate, we went back to our friends and played Yahtzee... way fun! We are so lucky we have such amazing friends.

Now today is the last day of the weekend.... and we went to church this morning and sacrament was just so nice. We had our Christmas program and a lot of musical numbers. I actually sang with two other girls, "Far Far Away on Judeas Plains" and I thought we sounded good.

Well, I had such a great weekend and am so grateful for an amazing husband and such great friends!

Saturday, December 1, 2007

Christmas Count Down...

Josh and I at Rockafeller Center last Christmas
At the Manhattan Temple during Christmas

Well, it is officially December and I am excited! I love this time of year! I love decorating and I love spending time with family around the holidays. Josh and I decorated for Christmas the other day and we just had so much fun! I posted a couple of pictures on here of last Christmas which we spent in New York. We had such a blast. The last two years I had a white Christmas, but before that I never did. I always had it in California where it obviously never snows! And this year we are having another white Christmas (if it snows of course) here in Utah. This time of a year is also a little crazy because my birthday (the 14th), our anniversary (17th) and Christmas are all so close. Sorry Josh, I didn't mean to plan it that way :) Needless to say I LOVE DECEMBER!