Friday, December 30, 2011

30 1/2 weeks

My update from my last dr. appt. is in my previous post. I have another in depth ultrasound on Tuesday and another regular dr. appt. on Wednesday so we will see if we have progressed anymore. Hopefully not yet. We need these girls to get a little bigger before they come out. Here is a picture of me at 30 1/2 weeks with this pregnancy vs. my first pregnancy with Dane. At my 30 week appt I was measuring 36 weeks. Babies are estimated at a little over 3lbs a piece.

   30 1/2 weeks with Dane                         30 1/2 weeks with twins


We had a really fun, relaxing Christmas. First, a couple of days before Christmas, I took Dane up to Josh's work in Park City where they had a santa come and these pictures will show you how much he hates santa.

But he loved the candy cane he got

 We were lucky to have Josh's parents come out and spend some time with us. On Christmas Eve we had Josh's uncle and his family over for Christmas Eve dinner. My first time hosting a holiday dinner! Now that we have a kitchen and a bigger house, we can do these things, yay! It was a lot of work, but it was so great to be able to host for once.

On Christmas Eve night, our little family tradition is that we all get a new book. Just a regular book, not a Christmas one. (Except this year he got two, "Yummy Yucky" and "Twas the Night Before Christmas" since we didn't have that book yet) Dane loves books and I want him to continue to enjoy it, so we each get to open our one present on Christmas Eve, which is a new book. Then we can grow our library of books around the house.

I LOVE this first picture. Dane looks so grown up.

Christmas morning we were up around 8 and we brought Dane downstairs. His big gift was his slide, which he really likes. He loves slides at the park and anywhere we go, so I thought he would love this thing. Well, he loves to stand at the top of it and slide his toys down, but doesn't care to go down himself that much, lol. He's already gone down head first twice, good thing I was there both times to catch him, yikes. Then he got a few smaller gifts, which were all a hit. I think his favorite was his little toy tool set. He LOVES to play with Josh's tools (which have been used and around the house for the past few months with all the work we are doing) and he will see Josh use them and copy him. He will use a stud finder correctly, a screwdriver, hammer, measuring tape, etc. all in the correct way because he sees Josh do it. It's so cute. So, he loves to use his little tools to help out.

He loves Yo Gabba Gabba and after he saw his slide, he saw his stocking and went straight for it with a big smile on his face. He loves his little Brobee.

I got Josh some clothes (nothing too exciting, but that's what he wanted) and he got me a really sweet diaper bag that I've wanted, but never wanted to spend the money on :) We really enjoyed spending the day together as a family.

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Pictureless update

I don't feel so bad about not updating because I look at other blogs from my friends and it's been over a month since they've done anything either, so I'm just following the trend. It's obviously a busy few months with the holidays, family and such that I think we all have good excuses. I need to do a quick update on Thanksgiving, Dane (who is almost 15 months, yikes) and Christmas. I also need to add a picture of me now at 30 1/2 weeks. Hopefully that picture will be taken today, lol.

But I will do a quick pictureless update:

1. Thanksgiving was great, we spent it with our wonderful friends, The Cliffords.
2. Our kitchen and floors are done, and our house is started to feel like a home.
3. Dane is the sweetest, smartest little guy I know. He talks so much, but he's definitely a mama's boy lately and that's not helping the bigger I get.
4. Christmas was so fun! We have my in laws here, which we are so lucky to spend time with, and Dane loves all of his fun toys. It was definitely a fun Christmas, even though Dane is still young, he loved to open presents.
5. And here is what has been occupying my mind most lately:

The girls are doing great and growing wonderfully. I'm just recently starting to feel the effects of a huge belly this pregnancy. At my appt. on Monday though I was told that I was a finger tip dilated and already 70% effaced. That has me much more nervous and feeling unprepared than before, lol. This whole pregnancy I have been assuming that I shouldn't have any problems and that they will probably come mid-February (that would be full term, 37 weeks). But who are we kidding? Twins on AVERAGE come at 36 weeks, which would be Feb. 4 and that's only average. Half come earlier than that. My dr. didn't put me on bedrest but definitely told me to take it really easy and do the least amount of everything possible. When he checked me he even said, "Woah, one of the girl's heads is RIGHT there." Not what I wanted to hear of course. Not only that, but the last few evenings I've been having contractions. Mostly braxton hicks, but a few that were stronger than normal. I am soooo not ready for these girls to come yet. It's too soon, they need to grow and thrive longer in there and I haven't started setting anything up yet. I could still be really lucky and they may still wait until February to come, but now all I think about is, what if they come soon, what am I going to do? But I know everything will be ok and I just need to relax and not stress about it.

Besides, who can really be prepared for 3 kids under 16 months? Oh boy, what an exciting, exhausting, wonderful experience the next few years will be. Wish us luck :)