Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Shots... YIKES!!

So for an update on the dr. appts. I'm now on to round 3 of artificial insemtination since the first 2 times didn't work. Well I went to the doctor this last Monday and guess what? I have to start giving myself shots?!?! WHAT?!?!? NOOOO!!!! If you know anything about me, you know I'm super scared of shots!! AHHHH. Well I guess you gotta do, what you gotta do to have a baby right?

So I found out I'll be taking some pills this month along with the injections. This month I only have to get 3 shots. If this month doesn't work, we'll be moving on to about 10 or 11 shots. Luckily Josh can give them to me and I don't have to do it, because I would never work up enough nerve to stab myself with one of those things. And to make matters worse, the dang needle is 1 1/2 inches long!

Anyways, I'm willing to do whatever it takes, so wish me luck and hopefully I get used to it, because it sounds like this might be something I'll be doing for a little bit. Those of you who get pregnant so easily, count your blessings...

Thursday, July 23, 2009

More details

So I told you to hold tight until I explained it all... so here are the details:

1. Broken down boat/Weekend in Texas - So this last weekend we had the amazing opportunity to go to Dallas and visit our family. Josh's mom's family had a reunion out there and it was soooo great to see everyone! I didn't take pictures (I'm an idiot), but many others did and we did get a disk, so I'll post those later. We had a great weekend full of family, food, fun, swimming, karaoking, and just enjoying everyone's company.

Josh's parents live on a lake so we were able to go boating, wakeboarding and tubing all weekend! For those who know me well enough, know I am scared of lake water because I'm afraid of like fish and seaweed and things under the water that I can not see. Luckily I wasn't a wimp this weekend (well, as much as normal) and I got in and swam and went tubing! I was proud of myself, haha.

So the last day we went out boating, there were about 10 of us on the boat, including nieces/nephews. I was out tubing with a couple of the nieces when all of a sudden the boat hit something in the water! We stopped the boat and since I was in the tube, I didn't know anything really happened, I heard something, but didn't think anything of it. Well all of a sudden the boat started filling up with water and we were sinking!! AHHH!!

We were lucky there was a boat relatively close that saw us waving and screaming and they came over, loaded us up on their boat and brought us back into the marina, where Josh and his dad were able to get it out of the water and onto their trailer. Thank goodness. If we had been out there longer or those people wouldn't have been near by, we could've sunk all the way. Everyone was fine though and we all had life jackets so it was ok. And also, they have insurance on the boat, so luckily they will be able to get it fixed.

We still don't know what it was we hit, we didn't really have time to go figure it out :)

2. Our fridge broke - ugh!! So Josh and I got home Monday evening and Josh went in the fridge to get a drink and he goes, "Our fridge is hot!" and I'm like, "WHAT?!" So turns out, the compressor on our refrigerator busted (which is like what makes it run) and ALL of our food was spoiled. Unfortunately since it happened over the weekend we didn't have time to salvage any food. It was all ruined. I think I was able to save the garlic, that's it, haha. Because not only was it not cooling but it was like HOT in there, like I'm thinking over 90 degrees practically.

So long story short, we thought about just getting a new fridge because it's going to cost so much to fix, but after we buy a fridge, then tax and delivery we're looking at around $900+, so I'd rather spend the $550 to fix it and not worry about the hassle of moving a fridge in and out because they have to go up and down stairs. Which is why we're avoiding craigslist/ksl. So, thank goodness the appliance repairman can come out today, because he almost couldn't and we would've had to wait until Tuesday. So we're lucky.

The other sucky thing is the fridge is 5 1/2 years old and the warranty that covers this part was only for 5 years. So it broke 6 months too late :( You live and learn right?! Another thing we've had to eat out every day, I didnt' realize you can hardly make anything without needing like milk, or butter, or something that you keep refrigerated. Anyways, enough being sad about it, at least I haven't had to cook!!!

Monday, July 20, 2009

Look forward to more on...

Our boat hitting something in the water, ripping a hole in the bottom and practically sinking in the lake this weekend and coming home to a refrigerator that for some reason is no longer cool, so all of our food, fridge/freezer and all of that wonderful cheese I previously bought... Gone.

What an unlucky weekend. Stay tuned for details.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

I love couponing!!!

So I took another trip to the store and here's what I got!

- A gallon of milk
- 8 bags of 8oz of cheese
- 3 cheese and bacon chip dips
- 1 Electrosol Finish dishwasher tablets

All for a grand total of.... (drum roll please)....


Why haven't I been doing this all along!

Monday, July 6, 2009

4th of July photos

4th of July Weekend

What an amazing weekend we had this 4th of July!! I haven't uploaded photos yet, but will do so later this evening.

So Thursday night, we just enjoyed the evening together and spent the evening at home. We woke up Friday morning, packed up and headed down to Provo. We had a few things we needed to do at the rental place, but after that we went to the mall and did some shopping. We bought this thing called a Magic Jack and if you have a home phone line, that's not bundled, this thing is AMAZING! It works with your internet and it only costs $20 for the device and only $20 PER YEAR!!! So we now have a home phone, but I haven't sent out the number yet because we need an actual phone :)

After shopping we met up with some of our best friends Marshall and Jen! They are so much fun and they are just like us. We met up at the base of Provo Canyon and we were off to go camping! On our way there, of course we get a flat tire and being the girl that I am, I'm glad Josh and Marshall were tire changing pros and got it fixed in no time! We drove another 10-15 min. or so to a private camp ground.

So get this... our sister in law (Josh's brother's wife), her family owns about 600-700 acres or something crazy like that up in Provo Canyon, just past Vivian Park. You can only access it through a private gate, and they let us go up there and camp on their land! It was gorgeous! Their property also includes some great spots right along the Provo river and also all the way up and over the mountain, so we pretty much got to choose anywhere we wanted to camp! We decided to stay along the river and we set up camp.

Josh and I used our new tent, which we love and we made some dinner, toasted some marshmallows and just enjoyed each others company. We had some great stir fry for dinner which was top notch for camping! The weather was great, there wasn't any rain like forecasted and we camped there for the evening.

The next morning, our sister in laws dad (who owns the land) came by and he took us up on a 6 wheeler up the mountain side. It was absolutely beautiful! We were about eye level with Timp, which was soooo cool! Again, I have many pictures that are awesome and I'll post those soon. After riding around for about an hour or 2, we headed back home. We came up and had a BBQ and then went over to Sandy to watch the fireworks from town hall.

All in all, it was a great weekend and very relaxing. I'm glad we have great friends, and a wonderful country where we can enjoy our many freedoms. We are so lucky.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

New Challenge

If you'd like to join in, check it out at the top of my blog!