Friday, November 25, 2011

Baby bump

Hopefully you're not too sick of the bump pictures. It's just nice to put them here because it's fun for me to look back on them later on down the road. (There is a 1 week difference in the pictures, I have been slacking lately)

       24 1/2 weeks with Dane                          25 1/2 weeks with the girls

 At my last appt. (which was about 2 weeks ago), I was 24 weeks, but measuring 28 weeks if it were a singleton pregnancy. So, that's pretty normal to measure about 4 weeks ahead with twins. Now that I'm almost 26 weeks, who knows what I'm measuring, but now my appts are every 2 weeks, so I'll find out Monday at my next one how big I really am. I also took the gestational diabetes test at my last appt. and got the thumbs up for no diabetes, woohoo! It's more common with multiples so I was nervous this time around. And for the record, I think the sugar drinks taste good, haha. It's pretty much just like watered down orange soda and I love orange soda.

Everything else is going smoothly so far with this pregnancy and I couldn't be more happy. Last pregnancy, it was around 29 weeks that I went into the hospital for contractions that were 2-3 minutes apart. I ended up being able to leave the hospital the same day, but had contractions from then until the end. I also started having extremely bad back pain that also landed me in the hospital and a chiropractor. I'm crossing my fingers that none of that happens this time.

I have a little time this weekend between the holidays and home renovations, that I will try and post a little about Halloween and Thanksgiving, which I really need to do. And maybe throw in a few of the pictures of whats' going on with the construction in our house. But no promises :)

And a picture of Dane, because he's just so cute and because I can: