Saturday, May 19, 2012

Very overwhelming

We have been in CA for almost a month now and are starting to adjust to our new life here. We already love it and feel very happy and blessed that everything is working out so well for us.

We did have a tough first couple of weeks. On our drive down from Utah, Holland was coughing a lot and it just didn't seem right. She wasn't eating well either. Since it was a Sunday and nothing was really opened, we stopped at the ER in St. George. After a couple of hours, we found out she had RSV. They told us to have her checked out once we got to CA. So, that Tuesday she seemed to have gotten worse and we took her to the ER again. They admitted her because her oxygen levels were low. She was in the hospital from Tuesday until Saturday. It was so sad and she was hooked up to all of these monitors and had to have breathing treatments and xrays and it was so sad. Josh and I switched off being at the hospital with her, while the other was home with the other two kids. It was a very difficult and tiring week for all of us. After she got, everyone else in the family did, Dane, Harper, Josh, me and Grandma :( But we are all back to normal now, hallelujah! We had all of these fun plans for that week since Josh didn't start work until Monday, but I guess we will have to do them some other time.

Josh loves his new job at Oakley. I'm so happy for him and grateful that he enjoys it so much.

We sold our house and close on Monday. What a blessing it was to have that happen so quickly. We listed the house on a Wednesday and by Saturday we had 3 offers. Everything went through great and it's like it was all meant to be.

Now we are in the stressful time of trying to find a place to live. Which is difficult with three little babies.

Boy, oh boy, are things crazy right now, but we are so blessed and so happy. Even if we have crazy little girls that don't nap very well.

A little update on Holland and Harper. They're a little over 3 1/2 months now. Like I just mentioned, they don't nap. They are exactly as Dane was and sleep 30-45 min. each nap and boy is that totally annoying. If they were awake and happy all the time, it wouldn't be so bad, but since they wake up early from a nap, they are cranky a lot. They are both rolling over now and are no longer little newborns, but babies and boy are they dang cute. I can't even handle it when they smile at us. It's the cutest thing ever and I love it. Holland has been sucking on her hand like crazy lately and the cutest thing happened today. The girls were laying next to each other and Harper is crying and I come over and Holland had Harpers hand and was sucking on it. Man, it was so funny. As hard as it is right now, I love have twin girls who can have each other as they grow up. And of course the best big brother ever.

And a little about my sweet, sweet boy. Dane is the most fun little guy ever. Seriously, I could spend every moment with him and be a happy mom. He gives big squeezes and kisses very generously. He's knows almost all of his letters, learning to count, loves telling me all of his animal sounds, high fives everyone, including his little sisters when they least expect it. He LOVES being outdoors and would stay out there all day if I let him. And as I said earlier, he used to suck at naps, but now he's wonderful and takes 1, 2-3 hour nap a day. He's an awesome eater and eats practically everything we do. And boy, is he funny. He knows when he's funny and does stuff over and over again to make us laugh. Gosh, I love this kid so much.

I wish I had more pictures to show, but they're all practically on my phone. I don't have time to grab my camera, so I usually just use my phone. Here are just a couple that I posted on facebook, so you've probably already seen:




Brenda Willis said...

Your little family is so cute! I can't wait to meet those kiddos!

Mandy said...

thanks for the update!!! I'm so glad Holland is better now, but it totally stinks that you all were sick the first week in Cali! love all the pictures! miss you guys~!

Lacey said...

were going to have to hang out now that you are close by! how fun!!

Team Smith Adventures said...

Yay to being back in California! I hope I get to meet those little cuties of yours soon :)

Jackie said...

Congrats on the girls and the move, they are just precious!!

Kelly said...

Hope you guys are doing well. We are making our blog private and want to make sure to send you an invite. Can you send me your email address when you have some free time?